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Distillation Classes
Learn at Your own Pace!
The Perfect Moonshine Still

Call The Professor Now To Order!
Ask Him For a Deal.
You Might Save a Few Bucks!

We Specialize in Beginners who have
never distilled before. There is
No Guess Work With Our Proven Classes and Equipment!

Learn how to make world class spirits at your own pace. We teach you how to make just about every type of sprit there is. Its easy when you have our moonshine still.

Our online distilling classes are easy to follow and everything you need to know is explained in plain English step by step. You will enjoy every second of learning the exciting hobby of distilling.

There is no other place you can go that will teach you the art of making hundreds of types of high quality spirits with a moonshine still.

We understand that you will need additional help from time to time. That is why we have our Distillation Professor available for you to call
7 days a week.

You get all the moonshine still you need to make Top Shelf Libations.

Our classes and moonshine stills are a perfect match. You will have incredible results from your first run.

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      What's included in our classes:  

Making Mashes




Carbon Filtering

 Infusing Natural Flavor

Oak Aging

Making Liquors


We Cover All Moonshine Still Operation and All Tips and Tricks.

When you graduate from our school you will be able to make just about every type of spirit!

You will have the hands on experience needed to craft delicious libations safely at home.